Your Basic Guide to Green Cleaning

green cleaningThe ever popular “Going Green” mindset has made its way into the cleaning world. But what exactly does it mean to use Green Cleaning?

What is Green Cleaning?

The main goal of green cleaning is to clean in a way that is healthy for the environment, and ultimately, the people inside the home.

Many people when they use green cleaning prefer to avoid harsh or processed chemicals, and are more likely to use items like baking soda or vinegar.

In order to get you started with green cleaning, first consider this: what is your reasoning for green cleaning? Is it for family members or pets? Or is it about the environment? This might change your approach.

Tips for Green Cleaning

First, implement a doormat and shoeless policy. You can easily track in dirt and toxins from outside (think antifreeze and whatever else might happen to be on the sidewalk).

Use green cleaning products. Use products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources. Consider making your own!

Use essential oils to freshen the smell of your home- naturally! Most air fresheners are manufactured and made with man-made products.

Using lemons is a great way to clean and polish items around your home.

Smaller homes will be easier to clean and take up less room that could be used for wildlife and nature. Is your home too big for your needs?

Recycle! There are typical items like paper, glass, and tin that can be recycled, but you can also recycle batteries, cardboard, and other household items that typically get thrown out. Recycle as much as you can to lessen the impact on landfills.

Making the Switch to Green Cleaning

Something to keep in mind if you make the switch to green cleaning is that you shouldn’t just throw out your old chemicals. If you don’t want them in your home, then they wouldn’t do well in a landfill either. Check with your city or town to see if there are days or places where you can give them your chemicals and they can dispose of them for you.

Consider making the switch to green cleaning. If you have any questions about this, Cleaning Frenzy would be sure to help!

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