Stay Clean on a Schedule with Rotation Cleaning

With spring now in full swing, many people across the country will be participating in some necessary spring cleaning. However, this year instead of doing all your cleaning at once, keep your home your home spotless regularly with rotation cleaning services from Cleaning Frenzy.

Rotation Cleaning ServicesOur rotation cleaning service consists of four different cycles that change with every visit to continually keep your home clean. On our first visit, we will give extra attention to the kitchen, laundry room and the entrance area of your home, giving these rooms an extensive cleaning to make sure every nook and cranny of these areas is spotless.

Then on visit two, we will clean the living room, dining room and family room, if you have one. We also go back and perform a less extensive clean of other home areas during this visit, but do a deep clean on these rooms. With our third visit, we focus on bathrooms, while on the fourth trip to your home, bedrooms, halls and office spaces are given an extra dose of TLC.

To make sure all areas of your home stay clean, we tough up on other areas of the home with every visit, following a very detailed checklist that will help keep you whole house clean. This process also eliminates the need for thorough whole-home cleanings, like the traditional spring cleaning, while keeping your home spotless throughout the year.

When you turn to Cleaning Frenzy to keep your home looking spotless, you will have more free time and won’t have to set aside blocks of time during your week or weekends to clean your home. You will also save yourself from overexertion that can come with cleaning, leaving you with more energy for the any activities you want to plan with your extra free time.

In addition to our residential cleaning services, Cleaning Frenzy also offers commercial cleaning and post construction cleaning services in Newark and the surrounding areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you have any questions about our cleaning services or would like to get started at having a healthier, cleaner home, call us at 302-453-8800 today!

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