Skip Spring Cleaning? Try Fall Cleaning!

When spring rolls around, many people take the opportunity to clean up their house after what can be a long winter. However, with today’s busy world, many people skip on spring cleaning. Now with fall coming, there’s a new opportunity to clean your home before winter arrives. So if you’re looking to clean your home but don’t have the time, let Cleaning Frenzy help.

We offer many different residential cleaning services to get your home clean and looking good for the cold months ahead. Our in-depth home cleanings will tackle dirt and grime from top to bottom, getting your home looking great just in time for fall. We also offer a rotation cleaning service, which helps to keep your home clean all year round with four different stages of cleaning done on a weekly basis to make sure your home stays spotless.

Cleaning SuppliesWhen you decide to go with us, we will discuss with you your preferences and learn more about the scope of the cleaning. This includes finding out how you would like us to enter your premises to start our cleaning as well as what products you would like us to use. Many people have certain cleaners they like to use or prefer to use greener products in their home, which is why it’s important to get this information before we start.

Once we’ve worked out the details, our cleaning team will come in and start scrubbing the room or rooms of your home we agreed upon. Once that thorough cleaning has been completed, we work down a detailed checklist to make sure everything has been cleaned thoroughly. This enables us to give every custom a consistent clean and the best service possible.

From there, we can leave and your home will be spotless or you can set up rotational cleaning to make sure your home stays clean so you don’t have to focus on spring or fall cleaning again. No matter which cleaning option you choose, a cleaning from us will have your home looking great!

In addition to residential cleaning, Cleaning Frenzy also offers commercial cleaning to make sure your workplace is never dirty and post-construction cleaning to make your home or business look great following a renovation or other project. For more information or to schedule Cleaning Frenzy’s services, call us today at 302-453-8800!

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