Pets: How to Keep Your Home Clean

cleaning after pets

Fido and Princess are a great addition to your home: the kids love them, they greet you at the door with love, and…. What’s that weird smell?

Unfortunately, Fido and Princess haven’t learned how to clean up after themselves, so you need to do it for them. Having a pet doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a clean home! Here are some great tips on how to balance them both.

  • Fur. Lots and lots of fur. Depending on whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, try to sweep or vacuum once every other day. This will limit the amount of hair lying around. Also, brushing your cat or dog regularly will cut down on the fur flying around- the mitten or brush will catch most of it.
  • Have a container for toys. If you have someone coming over, they might not be used to having to walk around 10 different bones and squeak toys. Find a container to keep them in for the times Fido isn’t playing with them.
  • It’s a good idea to give your pet a bath before they start smelling really bad. This will help reduce weird odors your pets can give off.
  • Accidents in the home- invest in cleaners with odor removers. Many even have chemicals to mask the smell so that there isn’t an urge to have another accident or marking again. Note: don’t use a cleaner with ammonia in them; this can attract them almost as much as their own markings!
  • For cat owners, keep on top of the kitty litter- make sure it’s changed out frequently or scooped.
  • Check their paws when they come inside. You might prevent some muddy paw tracks if you keep a rag near the door and wipe them off thoroughly.

Taking some precaution in your pet care can go a long way for the appearance of your home. If you need some more tips on how to keep a pet friendly home clean, contact Cleaning Frenzy today!

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