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We all know that a construction site gets a little grimy during a big project, whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, or building out a new office complex. How do you manage the mess when more work will be done the next day to undo the cleaning you just did? Plus, with all of the work being done on the site, certain things like your light fixtures that you may not have expected to get dirty may be covered in dust. Luckily, Cleaning Frenzy offers construction work cleanup services.

Post Construction CleaningFor any type of build out or remodel, it’s important to work with a contractor who is mindful of the fact that you may be using the construction space, and you want contractors who make a concerted effort to not make a huge mess. However, in most cases, sending dust and dirt flying is unavoidable with construction. It also may be possible to keep up with it – if you clean daily – but in most cases, the work you do one day to clean is undone by the construction the next morning. Instead of trying to deal with it while there’s still work going on, have Cleaning Frenzy come in once the construction work is completed.

We also work with contractors who want to ensure that their clients will have a clean and spotless new space when the construction work is finished. Our experience working with contractors will help ensure that the space where work was done is totally and completely clean.

Our services include window and glass cleaning, dust removal from high areas like light fixtures, fans and air vents, removal of dust from walls, baseboards and trim work, tile and grout cleaning, sanitation and dust removal of kitchens and bathrooms, fixture polishing, floor care and any other finishing tasks that you may require.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, for help cleaning up your messy construction site, give Cleaning Frenzy a call. We’ll ensure that you have a safe, clean and sanitized space once the work is complete. To learn more about our post-construction cleanup services, call us today at 302-453-8800.

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